Hi, I'm new to publishing tools/repository on the toolshed.  I have used
planemo and lint and tests as well as serve all worked.  I was able to use
the tool.  However, when I uploaded it onto the test tool shed and imported
the tool on a cloud instance, I keep getting this error when running job:

Fatal error: Exit code 2 () Can't open perl script
"rm_consecutive_sameScore.pl": No such file or directory

Please advise! I've been downloading and looking at what others did but I
still can't figure this out.

I've attached my .xml file and here are some of the commands I used to
upload the tool.

planemo shed_create --shed_target testtoolshed
<tool id="jose123" name="removes_consecutive_same_scored_bins" version="0.1.0">
        <exit_code range="1:" />
   <command interpreter="perl">.$__tool_directory__/rm_consecutive_sameScore.pl "$input1" "$output1"
        <param type="data" name="input1" format="bed" />
        <data name="output1" format="bed" />
            <param name="input1" value="LmnB1_chip_256-big_chr19.bed"/>
            <output name="output1" file="output.bed"/>
Usage:   Removes consecutive bins (> n) with same scores

        <citation type="bibtex">
  author = {LastTODO, FirstTODO},
  year = {TODO},
  title = {TODO},
  url = {manuscript in preparation},
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