Dear all,

I know Galaxy is independent of the underlying queuing system but is
it possible to display the status of the queue to users via the Galaxy

I understand that the jobs are submitted under the name of the owner
of the Galaxy process.  And that there is a way to fix this [1], but I
think I'm fine with leaving it as-is.  I guess it would be nice if
users can see how long the queue is.

The naive way that I'm thinking about is to have a cronjob that runs
"squeue" (we are using SLURM) periodically.  Its output is cleaned up
by a script and a "static" HTML file is generated for Galaxy to

I don't know if there is a more sensible way that fits within the
framework of Galaxy.  Is this approach acceptable or is there a better
/ easier way that I've completely missed?

Thank you!


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