Dear all,

I am trying to setup sftp connection for my new Galaxy server. I managed to 
configure sftp_module and I am able to connect to the server as an system user. 
The problem is that I am not able to login there as Galaxy user. I guess that 
the problem is with settings for backend and postgresql, but I don't know how 
to solve it.

My configuration for sql is:

# Do not authenticate against real (system) users
AuthPAM                         off

# Set up mod_sql_password - Galaxy passwords are stored as hex-encoded SHA1
SQLLogFile                      /home/galaxy/galaxy/log_files/sqlLog.txt
SQLPasswordEngine               on
SQLPasswordEncoding             hex

# Set up mod_sql to authenticate against the Galaxy database
SQLEngine                       on

SQLBackend                      postgres
SQLConnectInfo                  galaxy@localhost:5432 galaxy
SQLAuthTypes                    SHA1
SQLAuthenticate                 users

# An empty directory in case chroot fails
SQLDefaultUID   1001
SQLDefaultGID   1001

SQLDefaultHomedir               /var/lib/proftpd/empty

# Define a custom query for lookup that returns a passwd-like entry.  UID and 
GID should match your Galaxy user.
SQLUserInfo                     custom:/LookupGalaxyUser
SQLNamedQuery                   LookupGalaxyUser SELECT 
"email,password,'1001','1001','/home/data/galaxy_ftp/%U','/bin/bash' FROM 
galaxy_user WHERE email='%U'"

Db name is galaxy, user is galaxy, no pass.
Any recommendation, please?

Mag. Marija Đurđević
Core Facility Computational Bioanalytics

Medical University of Graz
Center for Medical Research
Stiftingtalstraße 24, A-8010 Graz

Phone: +43 316/385-73024
Fax:+43 316/385-73009



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