Hi Ryan,

On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 12:40 AM, Ryan G <ngsbioinformat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Martin - I was actually thinking to let the tool itself tell Galaxy about
> the progress instead of Galaxy estimating that.
> If instance, if the tool know it has 5 stages, it can report back to Galaxy
> 20,40,60,80,and 100 % complete.

If you're willing for something less elegant, instead of "reporting
back" to Galaxy, you can just use some scripting and a cron job (to
run the script periodically) to generate an HTML file.   An obvious
choice is perhaps static/welcome.html , the page that is shown when a
user logs in.

It's not perfect, but (IMHO), it's better than nothing.  And maybe if
you said "stage 1 complete" instead of "20% complete", it might be
less misleading (since what you want to say is 20% of the stages have
completed and not really 20% of the total running time).

I haven't yet tried the static/welcome.html idea, but I'm planning to
use it in a slightly different way.  I want to allow users to at least
see how many jobs are queued by the job scheduler.  (It is misleading
for many reasons -- least of which, the time for each job is still
unknown -- but maybe better than nothing.  Sort of like seeing how
many people are in line at the bank before joining the line...you have
no idea how long each customer ahead of you will take.)

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