Dear all,

I've been having some problems with some tool dependencies. With most
of them, after a few iterations of uninstall and install, the problem
seems to go away.  (I'm not too sure about the reason as I didn't take
good notes while working out the problem to determine what I finally
did right.)

However, I'm having a problem with samtools that differs from the
samtools problem I had a few months ago (about the system's version of
samtools being out of date).

Both package_samtools_1_1 and package_samtools_1_2 seem to have the
similar problem.  For example, with package_samtools_1_2, I see this:

Missing repository dependencies:
package_ncurses_5_9    5e1760c773ba    iuc    Uninstalled, missing
tool dependencies

Installed repository dependencies:
package_zlib_1_2_8       63a4a902cda2    iuc    Installed
package_ncurses_5_9    335ebf512407     iuc    Installed

I don't quite understand why package_ncurses_5_9 appears twice with
two different versions.  Is this a problem with something I did on my

For package_samtools_1_1, package_ncurses_5_9 (5e1760c773ba) is also
missing.  But under "Installed tool dependencies", ncurses 5.9 is

Does anyone have an idea of what I could do to resolve this?

As an aside, can someone explain the difference between the owner
"iuc" and "devteam"?  I did find,
but couldn't find a description of devtools.  I have two versions of
package_samtools_0_1_19 installed -- one from iuc and the other from
devteam.  Is it fine to leave this alone?

Thank you!

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