Dear Galaxy Developers,

I am adding load balancing to Galaxy, as suggested in the documentation, I
use supervisor to start or restart the uwsgi Galaxy processes, I find a
problem that while restarting Galaxy supervisor doesn't wait all the uesgi
processes are killed and start Galaxy again, this causes the following

probably another instance of uWSGI is running on the same address (

bind(): Address already in use [core/socket.c line 769]

My configuration:


processes = 8

stats =

socket =

pythonpath = lib

threads = 4

logto = /var/log/galaxy.log

master = True




command         = /usr/local/bin/uwsgi --master --ini-paste
config/galaxy.ini --logto /var/log/galaxy.log

directory       = /opt/galaxy

umask           = 022

autostart       = true

autorestart     = true

startsecs       = 20

user            = galaxy

environment     =

numprocs        = 1

stopsignal      = INT

startretries    = 15

stopwaitsecs    = 20


programs = galaxy_web


Command to restart: supervisorctrl restart galaxy:

Have you had similar experience, do you have an idea to fix this?

Thanks in advance!
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