Hi everyone

We maintain a tools collection on Github for tools that are not yet (or
will never be) added to tools-iuc:

I tried copying the .travis.yml from tools-iuc to our repository, and it
largely works, except for the planemo upload part, which fails with this

Repository created
cd '/home/pvh/Documents/code/SANBI/pilon/tools-sanbi-uwc/tools/pilon' &&
git rev-parse HEAD
cd '/home/pvh/Documents/code/SANBI/pilon/tools-sanbi-uwc/tools/pilon' &&
git diff --quiet
Could not update pilon
Unexpected response from galaxy: 500: {"content_alert": "", "err_msg":
"Metadata may have been defined for some items in revision 'f2477672a950'.
Correct the following problems if necessary and reset
metadata.<br/><b>pilon.xml<\/b> - This file requires an entry in the
tool_data_table_conf.xml file. Upload a file named
tool_data_table_conf.xml.sample to the repository that includes the
required entry to correct this error.<br/><br/>"}

This is related to the pilon tool in that repo (tools/pilon). The tool in
question optionally uses a dataset from all_fasta, I'm not sure if that is
relevant for the error. BTW this error happened on push, not on PR.

Any ideas?

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