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I recently realized that setting conda_auto_install to true in galaxy.ini has a noticeable effect in slowing down the start of job execution. On the first job run after activating conda_auto_install the job takes a lot longer as conda is actually installing packages, which is expected. On the following runs, even if there are no packages to be installed jobs still take longer to start. What's more surprising is that after deactivating conda_auto_install jobs still take longer to run. My particular test case was a simple small (12MB) file upload. It consistently went from 15s to over 30s after activating conda_auto_install and remained at that even after deactivating it. We tested running a few tools which presented a noticeable and irreversible delay after activation of conda_auto_install, but I didn't measure these delays. I also tested this on fresh installs of galaxy 16.07 and 16.10 with very similar results. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a way around it besides never activating conda_auto_install?

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