Dear All

I just wanna close this thread and shortly tell you how - with the help of Dannon - we solved the problem in the end:

The problem was at our side. Our Galaxy server is not visible from the out side. Only requests from the UCSC servers are allowed. Despite the claim by our IT department that the requests from UCSC are directly sent to our Galaxy server, they are not.

Dannon pointed me to the right position in the the sript:

to insert a simple debug statement after line 533, like:

 " print('***',host) "

and this gave me the name of our proxy server. All I had to do was adding this name to the list of "UCSC_SERVERS" at the top of the script and it worked even when "require_login = True" is set.

With a big Thank You to Dannon Baker!

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

On 09/05/2016 11:44 AM, Hans-Rudolf Hotz wrote:

I am trying to set up the possibility to display data sets with the UCSC
genome browser for our new galaxy installation.

After clicking on "display at UCSC main", I get the UCSC genome browser,
opening in the right assembly, and at the correct location, but I get
the following Error:


     redirected to non-http(s): /login?redirect=%2Froot%2Fdisplay_as

In galaxy.ini, I did uncomment the line:

display_servers =,,hgw3.cse. ...

We use the 'new' authentication method to connect to our LDAP server,
with the following changes in galaxy.ini:

require_login = True

auth_config_file = config/auth_conf.xml

Connection from UCSC to our galaxy server is working, since I can
display the data, when I switch to

require_login = False

it works, independent of whether I am logged in or not.

Is there a way to get it to work, even if I have "require_login = True"?

Thank you very much for your help
Regards, Hans-Rudolf

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