Hello potential GCC2017 Attendees!

The 2017 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2017)
<https://gcc2017.sciencesconf.org/> will be held 26-30 June, in
Montpellier, France.  GCC2017 training <https://gcc2017.sciencesconf.org/> will
be held 27-28 June.  *We need your vote to determine what to offer at
GCC2017 training.*

If there is even a remote chance that you will attend GCC2017 (it's in the
South of France; it will be summer; don't let that influence your
decision), then *please vote on which of the **34 nominated topics you
would like to see offered at GCC2017.*

*Vote Now!

27 June will be single track and focus on how to use Galaxy for research.
28 June will have multiple tracks, and offer the full spectrum of Galaxy

Vote for as many topics as you like, but please note that the more topics
you vote for, the less your vote for each single topic will count.

*Voting closes on 8 February.*  Once that happens the organisers will
scramble to confirm instructors and set a schedule.  The training schedule
will be posted before registration opens in February.

The nominated topics this year are:

   - *Using Galaxy Topic Nominations
      1. Galaxy 101 - A gentle introduction to Galaxy
      2. Galaxy at scale
      3. Visualisation of BIG DATA in Galaxy
      4. GSuite HyperBrowser: integrative analysis of dataset collections
      across the genome and epigenome
      5. ChIPseq analysis using DeepTools and MACS
      6. RADseq Data Analysis Through STACKS on Galaxy
      7. RNAseq analysis in Galaxy
      8. Flow Cytometry Analysis with ImmPort Galaxy
      9. Metabolomics Analysis with Galaxy on W4M infrastructure
      10. How to analyze metagenomic and amplicon data in Galaxy?
      11. Galaxy for Proteomics
      12. Processing and Analysis of Hi-C data using HiCExplorer
      13. SNP analysis and GWAS using SNiPlay
      14. Small genome de novo assembly using Galaxy
      15. Scripting Galaxy using the API and BioBlend
   - *Deploying, Administering, and Extending Galaxy Topics
      1. Introduction to Galaxy admin: Setting up a Galaxy instance as a
      2. Advanced customisation of a Galaxy instance
      3. Advanced accelerated Galaxy admin
      4. How to use Galaxy Ansible Playbooks
      5. Testing Galaxy
      6. Using and deploying your application to the cloud
      7. Galaxy Architecture
      8. Writing & Publishing Galaxy Tools
      9. Advanced Topics in Galaxy Tool Development
      10. Visualisation Development in Galaxy
      11. Adding support for new external sources
      12. Conda and Containers for Tool Dependencies - A Developers
      13. Conda and Containers for Tool Dependencies - A Deployers
      14. Introduction to Galaxy Interactive Environments
      15. Advanced topics in Galaxy Interactive Environments
      16. Galaxy and Tripal - coupling Galaxy to a community database
      17. The Galaxy Genome Annotation project: Dockerized genome
      annotation environment based on Galaxy and GMOD tools
      18. Using Hadoop with Galaxy
   - *Trainer Training Topics
      1. Galaxy for Training and Education

Please vote
Your participation helps make Galaxy Community Conferences the successful
and community focused events that they are.  And, thanks to everyone who
nominated topics and/or contributed topic descriptions.

Hope to see you in Montpellier!

Dave Clements, on behalf of the GCC2017 Organising Committee
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