I am setting up a new galaxy instance and upon intial setup and user login I get this error. The database is brand new and there is no data in any history as I am the sole user at this moment.

  "onLine": true,
  "version": "17.05",
  "xhr": {
    "readyState": 4,
    "responseText": "{\"err_msg\": \"History is not accessible by user\", 
\"err_code\": 403002}",
    "responseJSON": {
      "err_msg": "History is not accessible by user",
      "err_code": 403002
    "status": 403,
    "statusText": "Forbidden"

  "options": {
    "parse": true,
    "keys": "type_id,element_count",
    "filters": {
      "history_content_type": "dataset_collection"
    "remove": false,
    "traditional": true,
    "data": {
      "keys": "type_id,element_count",
      "order": "hid",
      "v": "dev",
      "q": [
      "qv": [
    "emulateHTTP": false,
    "emulateJSON": false,
    "textStatus": "error",
    "errorThrown": "Forbidden"

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