I'm trying to get a list of all the datasets in a folder using BioBlend. I
don't see a function for doing this in the API documentation. I can use
"show_folder" to get some information regarding the contents of a folder,
but not the dataset IDs themselves

This is as far as I've gotten:

s = gi.libraries.show_folder(LibID, folder_id = subfolderID)

 {u'parent_library_id': u'd413a19dec13d11e', u'update_time':
> u'2017-02-24T18:10:02.789955', u'description':
> u'170124_M02550_0174_000000000-AV8FJ', u'name':
> u'170124_M02550_0174_000000000-AV8FJ', u'deleted': False, u'item_count': 2,
> u'parent_id': u'Ff1b9846ab84237e7', u'genome_build': u'?', u'model_class':
> u'LibraryFolder', u'id': u'F84ffe6fca6c4fbda', u'library_path': [u'2017',
> u'170124_M02550_0174_000000000-AV8FJ']}

There are two items (item_count) as expected, how do I get the actual
dataset IDs?

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