Hi all,
We have a simple Galaxy instance running on a webserver on our cluster. 
Recently, we've seen an upswing of student usage, and I'm trying to look into 
switching over from a single paster instance to a system using uWSGI to spread 
the load. Currently we're running the 17.01 release, but we saw this same 
behaviour on the 16.10 one.

I've followed all the steps on the wiki related to setting up uWSGI, but we're 
encountering the following problem, in the words of one or our primary users:
"It is not possible to download/save files from a history. Nothing happens when 
clicking the floppy disk icon. ... It is possible to view files (clicking the 
eye icon) that are displayed other than as raw data: tables, html. png does not 
work. Preview of large text files (i.e. fastq) works, but when selecting 
display all, the same error message is shown. The small preview in the history 
(dataset-peek) works."

We see the following issue when trying to view raw data:
The requested URL /datasets/<a_dataset_id>/display/ was not found on this 

Currently apache (2.4.6) is configured using mod_proxy_uwsgi using:

ProxyPass / uwsgi://localhost:14001/

I can see that the requests are being sent over to uwsgi (in its logs):

[pid: <pid>|app: 0|req: 95/241] <my_ip> (<my_user>) {82 vars in 1983 bytes} 
[Mon May  1 15:19:16 2017] GET /datasets/<a_dataset_id>/display?to_ext=fasta => 
generated 0 bytes in 50 msecs (HTTP/1.1 200) 6 headers in 281 bytes (1 switches 
on core 1)

But we see that it's giving a zero length response.

Does anyone know what's going on here? I can't find a way to increase logging 
further to debug this error, but it's preventing us from using uwsgi to scale 
out this service.

If anyone can make a good suggestion or wants extra details, please let me know.

Gwen Dawes
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