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As Brad mentioned, these are Ensembl gene identifiers which would link to at least one, and perhaps more than one, Ensembl transcript. It will be the transcripts that are actually mapped to the genome and that have coordinates.

UCSC or Biomart - each of these have methods to input gene identifiers and get out the transcript information (including coordinates). Galaxy can access these through the tool "Get Data". Enter the identifiers into the tools themselves and send result data back into your Galaxy history. When using UCSC, use the track "Ensembl Genes" and paste in the gene name list (up to 1000 at a time).

To get a full picture of what is happening in these regions once you have the coordinate intervals of the genomic footprints, the tool "Operate on Genomic Intervals -> Profile Annotations" is highly recommended. This tool will get all sorts of annotation for coordinate regions in one go. Really great for confirming and comparing data between sources and pulling in new information to a project.

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On 1/11/11 2:19 AM, vaibhav jain wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have list of such Id's obtained from ENSRNOG00000000000 and I want to
get the information of the transcription coordinates. So how can I get
in Galaxy or can I get it directly from UCSC ???

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