We'd like to announce an update to Galaxy CloudMan - a completely standalone
version Galaxy on Amazon's cloud.
The new version has been released that brings a number of improvements to
the core functionality of CloudMan and expands the number of tools available
within Galaxy CloudMan to match that of Galaxy Main.

The new AMI ID is: ami-9a7485f3; complete instructions on how to use Galaxy
CloudMan are available at usegalaxy.org/cloud.

Some of the specific improvements now available include the following:
 - number of Galaxy tools available on the cloud mirrors that of Galaxy Main
 - the size of tool index files has grown from 40GB to 600GB
 - autoscale the size of your cluster (i.e., the size of your cloud cluster
automatically adjusts to the amount of your workload)
 - termination of instances happens in parallel
 - automated update of CloudMan source code
 - ability to terminate and/or delete a cluster directly from the CloudMan
web interface
 - tagging of cloud resources with cluster name
 - overall greater reliability and several bugs fixed
 - still built on top of the CloudBioLinux AMI so all of the NERC BioLinux
tools are available at command line and also allowing CloudMan UI to extend
usage scenarios for BioLinux tools in terms of cluster composition
 (full code changes available at
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