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I am a first time Galaxy user.

I have uploaded my sequences as format "fastq" into Galaxy and would like to 
next use "Groomer" to output Sanger fastq format so to go on with exploring 
quality via box plot, deciding on a trim length (if any), and map to genome 
using bwa or bowtie.

However, I am running into a problem using "Groomer".

I do not know what format my sequences are per setting the required input 

An example of my sequences is as follows:

@SNPSTER6_0679:1:1:1083:939#0/1 run=100908_SNPSTER6_0679_70929AAXX

... how to tell if you have: "Sanger", "Solexa", "Illumina 1.3+", etc.

I have tried to submit to "Groomer" different times using these options one at 
a time and none return with results.

Need help please.

Also, what is the expected time for "Groomer" to return results for a file 
containing 2.7 million reads.

Thank you ... best,



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