Dear Sir,

(1)We installed Galaxy, but recently the user can't registered and got the
following error, how can we fix it?

Sever error
An error occurred. See the error logs for more information.(To turn debug on
to display ...).

(2) Could you please let me know if there is any command to stop galaxy?

(3) If I reset universe_wsgi.ini file and want to set an administrator
user(I can add a line in the above file), how can I get the password? Should
I stop galaxy(See question 2) first? then run "./" and "./".

(4) If I run "", will a new file "universe_wsgi.ini" be generated?
if I want to change this file,should I edit it before "" and after
"". Is it right?

(5) I read some of your docs, command "sh"(sh and
"./"(./, which one is correct under Linux?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wises,

Yan Luo, Ph.D.
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