I am not sure if I understand correctly how the external data sources (i.e.
BioMart) are integrated into Galaxy. However, I believe that the Galaxy
sends an HTTP request to the external data source with the parameter
GALAXY_URL - and this URL is used later by the external data source to send
parameters for a subsequent request resubmission. Without going to further
details (about sync and async method), it seems to me that in any case the
URL given in GALAXY_URL must be a publicly available URL (available from/by
the external source).

1) But what if I am running my own Galaxy behind a firewall that does not
allow access from the outside?

2) If I cannot make our firewall open, is there a way (perhaps in the Galaxy
configuration) to change the host name that Galaxy is using when creating
its GALAXY_URL parameter? That would allow me have a "third-party" URL where
Galaxy and external data sources can communicate together.

Many thanks for any help,

Martin Senger
email: martin.sen...@gmail.com,martin.sen...@kaust.edu.sa
skype: martinsenger
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