Dear Galaxy developers,
I have a collection of Java classes linked by a custom dataflow architecture. 
All classes are in a single project but some of these classes call executables 
written in languages other than Java. I am investigating the possibility of 
transitioning to Galaxy. Essentially my desires are to link these Java classes 
in a DAG representing the dataflow and to execute the dataflow in Amazon EC2. 
The data flowing along the edges are arbitrary custom Java classes. 
Additionally it is important to cache intermediate results. The data is 
acquired from a few web services: iRefIndex, IntAct, UniProt, and Gene 
Ontology. There are complex software dependencies so after setting up the 
dataflow I would like to save the entire system as an abstract machine image 
(AMI). How difficult would this transition be, and would it be worth the 
                Sincerely, with best wishes,
                Luqman Hodgkinson,
                Ph.D. student, UC-Berkeley

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