Hi all,
has anybody an idea how to do the following in galaxy?

I have short (400bp) metagenome reads and I have used meta-Genemark to find
protein coding regions in the unassembled reads. Meta-Genemark outputs a
GFF3 file (you find a sample at the bottom of the post).
I saw that Galaxy has a tool to fetch sequence from a genome file using a
GFF format file: "Extract Genomic
coordinates from assembled/unassembled genomes ".  I would like to use
that tool, if possible.
The problem is however that I get the following error:  Unspecified genome
build, click the pencil icon in the history item to set the genome build.

Of course I have no genome, so I am a bit stuck and I have no clue on how to
use the coordinates in my GFF file to extract those regions from my
metagenome reads. Anybody an idea for a proper workflow?

GFF3 output:

##source-version GeneMark.hmm_PROKARYOTIC 2.7d
##date Thu Mar 24 06:15:18 2011

##Sequence file name: ghm.mfa
##Model file name:

FV4B4XA01C8BBF    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    513    .    +    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01D6PDN    GeneMark.hmm    gene    2    334    .    +    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01DC6SS    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    390    .    -    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01AOJUF    GeneMark.hmm    gene    2    400    .    -    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01CMP07    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    465    .    +    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01CIPQZ    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    228    .    +    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01DWJZ1    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    459    .    -    0    gene_id

FV4B4XA01AUE58    GeneMark.hmm    gene    237    488    .    +    0
gene_id 8

FV4B4XA01C56SJ    GeneMark.hmm    gene    1    309    .    +    0    gene_id
FV4B4XA01C56SJ    GeneMark.hmm    gene    321    422    .    +    0
gene_id 10

FV4B4XA01A3DSA    GeneMark.hmm    gene    3    143    .    +    0    gene_id
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