Hello all,

We have a good news / bad news situation here.

The good news is that people have now been able to unsubscribe without any
problems.  That's also the bad news.  We don't know if the problem has been
fixed, or if it is merely intermittent.  Our system logs indicate that all
unsub emails that were supposed to go out, were accepted by the receiving

For future reference, I have included "How to unsubscribe" instructions
below, *including the number one place where this process can go wrong.
Finally, I'd like to thank Giovanni, Nic, Yi, and David for reporting and
helping us investigate an issue with a mailing list that they just wanted to
unsubscribe from.


Dave C.


How to unsubscribe

1) Go to http://lists.bx.psu.edu/listinfo/galaxy-user.
2) In the bottom section type in your email address and click the
"unsubscribe or edit options" button next to your address
3) Check the "Yes I really want to unsubscribe" box, and then click the
"Unsubscribe" button.
4) This should send a confirmation email to your account within the next few
minutes.  *Check your inbox, any folder that you filter galaxy-user traffic
too, and your SPAM folder.  *

The email will look something like:

from         galaxy-user-requ...@lists.bx.psu.edu
reply-to    galaxy-user-requ...@lists.bx.psu.edu
to             your email address
subject    confirm  veryLongStringOfNumbersAndDigits

If any step of this process goes wrong, please let us know.  We hate to see
you go, but you should be able to go when you want to.

The Galaxy User list should be used for the discussion of
Galaxy analysis and other features on the public server
at usegalaxy.org.  Please keep all replies on the list by
using "reply all" in your mail client.  For discussion of
local Galaxy instances and the Galaxy source code, please
use the Galaxy Development list:


To manage your subscriptions to this and other Galaxy lists,
please use the interface at:


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