I have tried to follow the steps: File 33 in my history is generated by
using  filter GTF data by attributes. Two files used were file 29 which is a
splicing diff file filtered for yes and file 2 is combined GTF. I used
TSS-id for filtering. the out put file file 32 is empty. Any suggestion?


It depends what filter tool you're using and what dataset you're filtering.
There is a generic filter tool that can be used to filter Cuffdiff tabular
files for either FPKM values and differential expression tests. There is
also a tool for filtering GTF files based on a Cuffdiff expr dataset. It
sounds like you may be confusing either the tools or the inputs.

If after double-checking you're still having problems with filtering, please
put together a short list of your analysis steps and share your history with
me, and I can take a look.


Further to my question, It appear that there is some problem with the filter
When I use the isoform/gene exp file as such it work fine but when I filter
these files with either parameter such as status if test was successful or
on p value it return me empty file. The way am saving the file is - expr
file filter save as txt file and upload back in Galaxy.
Any suggestion?

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