Hi Again Galaxy team.

I'm attempting to use the new workflow API, which I understand is still in
development. I created a test workflow with a single input, and was able to
use 'example_watch_folder.py' to successfully execute it as a history and
get the output to a specified location.

My question is how I can modify the script to accept multiple inputs (i.e.
how do I define which files in the input folder I want to be each input) and
if there's a way to specify runtime parameters. For instance, the workflow I
want to execute has a filter step on a tabular input item as one of the
later steps which needs to be defined at runtime. How would I specify this
in the 'watch_folder.py' parameters? or is this not possible yet?

FYI, I know perl but not python, so ultimately I want to wrap the python
scripts into a larger perl script to execute recursive workflows.

Thanks for all your help. Galaxy is an amazing tool and the workflow API is
a fantastic improvement.


Simon Lank
Research Specialist
O'Connor Lab, WNPRC
555 Science Dr. Madison WI
(608) 265-3389
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