Thanks for all your quick responses. I have found Googling documentation for 
Galaxy extremely hard, because it is such a common term. How I wish it had been 
misspelled (intentionally)! 

I work in an informatics core, where several of us collaborate on projects. We 
have a local Galaxy installation. We are working hard to become proficient at 
Galaxy as we get deluged with NGS analysis requests. 

We recently tried to have two of us work in the same history, but did not 
I "shared" the history with my colleague, but he was un-able to use it 

If he "imported" it or "cloned" it, it made a copy.
Even when he "referenced" it, any new tasks he ran did not show up in my 
original history. 

I see there are a bunch of roles under history > options > "dataset security", 
but I haven't been able to figure out how to use them, or if they would help 
with this issue. 

We currently use Shibboleth for authentication, and have no groups or roles 
defined. I'm not currently an admin, but that will get fixed shortly.  

Is there a specific tutorial or page that covers this type of collaborative 
I looked at, 
but still wasn't clear if I could achieve what I want with roles and groups. 


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