Hello all,

It is my pleasure to announce that Galaxy has a new wiki:
http://galaxyproject.org/wiki.  This wiki contains all the content from the
old bitbucket wiki, plus a bunch of new content (most of which is still work
in progress).

The new wiki is based on MoinMoin and includes several new or improved
 * Search!
 * an automatically generated list of all pages (click on All Pages in
 * Ability to upload files and images without using Mercurial.
 * plus a lot more

The content, organization, and look and feel haven't entirely settled yet,
so expect things to move around for a bit.

You don't need any special knowledge to read the wiki.  If you want to
update the wiki you'll need to create a login (click on the Login link).
Anyone can create a login, but you will need to answer a random (but
hopefully easy) question about Galaxy to do so*.  You can use either
MoinMoin markup or Creole markup (but not both on the same page).

We are hoping that the new wiki will be both much easier to use and to
update than the old one.  If you have any questions or comments, please send
them to me or to the list as appropriate.

Look for more emails as more features in the wiki become fully functional.


Dave C.

* And you will be asked to answer questions every time you update pages.  If
you get tired of this (and you will), please send me your wiki login and I
will make those annoying (but spam-preventing) questions go away.
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