The files need to be groomed using the FastQ Groomer so that 
they will end up in the fastqsanger state.  Then your files will show up in the 
pull-down menus.


[] On Behalf Of Jeremy Coate
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 1:44 PM
Subject: [galaxy-user] using files produced by "Barcode Splitter"

I used the "Barcode Splitter" tool to split multiplexed RNA-Seq libraries into 
separate files. I would now like to map the reads from each of these fastq 
files to a reference genome. However, the fastq files generated by Barcode 
Splitter don't appear in the "Fastq File" pull-down menus within the the BWA or 
Bowtie launch pages. I'm probably missing something obvious, but what is the 
trick for making these files available for the mapping tools? Do I need to 
import them into my history somehow?

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