I have an RNA-Seq project which consists of 5 samples from the 
species tree shrew.  When uploading these fastq files into Galaxy, I chose 
"unspecified (?)" for the database/build since the latest tree shrew version is 
not in the drop down list.  When using TopHat, Cufflinks/Compare I have 
selected a reference genome from my history instead of using a built-in index, 
as well as a gtf annotation file for Cufflinks/Compare and everything has been 
working fine.  Now, I am at the Cuffdiff step and I am running into an error 
when setting it up to perform replicate analysis.  When I select my TopHat 
accepted hits bam file I see a red X and the error: "Unspecified genome build, 
click the pencil icon in the history item to set the genome build."  Here's a 
screenshot of what I'm seeing:


                Since the latest reference genome for tree shrew wasn't listed, 
that's why I chose "unspecified (?)."  Should I go back and edit these accepted 
hits bam files to say the Database/Build from the drop down list is "Tree shrew 
Dec. 2006 (Broad/tupBel1) (tupBel1)?"  I know that this is simple to change, 
but will this affect my results in any way?  Any help/info would be greatly 


<<inline: image001.png>>

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