I'm reposting this question to the galaxy-user mailing list.



> Dear Anton,
> I am a PhD student in the Matrin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg focused 
> on honey bee Ecology.
> Galaxy is a very flexible tool to do RNA Seq analysis. I have a problem and 
> need your help. The galaxy provide build in annotated reference genome of 
> honey bee (2005). This is a old version and the lastest version (2011) has 
> much higher resolution 
> (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore?term=CM000054:CM000069[PACC]). I tried 
> to bulid a customized annotated reference genome. First, I upload the 
> annotated reference genome (.gb file), but can not choose it when I map the 
> read (Tophat for Illumina). Then I upload the reference genome without 
> annotation (.fasta file), it works. But I need the annotation of the genes to 
> analyze the differencial expression.
> We are very interested in galaxy and use it in our research analysis. Hope 
> you can help us solve this problem.  
> Expecting your reply!
> All the best,
> Qiang
> ****************************************
> Qiang Huang
> Institut für Biology/Zoologie, Molekulare Ökologie, Martin-Luther-Universität 
> Halle -Wittenberg  
> 06099, Halle, Germany.
> Honeybee Research Institute, Jiangxi Agricultural University, 330045, 
> Nanchang, China.
> http://www.mol-ecol.uni-halle.de/staff/huang-q/

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