Thank you for the quick answer.
Here is a screenshot of my security groups (I have 2 galaxy ones,
because I've been trying various options, but neither seem to work).
As far as I can tell it looks similar to yours (thanks for that, it
makes it easier to check that I typed everything in OK).

One difference is that I have been selecting BOTH default and galaxy2
security groups, maybe I should just select only galaxy2, I'll try
that next.

Looking at it through my ssh, I think I may be missing an even bigger
point because it does not seem like cloudman is running
There is nothing in the /tmp file except for my userData.yaml
(and it looks from various websites that I should have a tmp/cm dir)
So maybe I missed a major step in the setup?

Thanks again for any advice!

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Brad Chapman <> wrote:
> Colleen;
>>  I am having trouble setting up access to the galaxy cloud instance
>> and may have missed something in the tutorial (I am following this
>> one:
>> I am able to launch the instance
>> I can access it through ssh, but when I try to access it through
>> firefox or chrome it just times out.
> It does sound like something with the security group setting. Could you
> include a screenshot of what your security group looks like? As a
> reference, here is mine:
> Did you also remember to select this security group, and not the
> default, when starting the image in the console? I sometimes make that
> mistake and then wonder for a while why I'm having connectivity issues.
> Hope this helps,
> Brad

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