Dear All,

I am using Galaxy with condor as the scheduler via the DRMAA Job Runner. on Debian 6. Jobs are submitted to COndor but they are held because of permissions:

condor@vm-debian:~$ condor_q -analyze 10.0

-- Submitter: : <> :
010.000:  Request is held.

Hold reason: Error from Failed to open '/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/pbs/19.o' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

condor@vm-debian:~$ ls -l /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/pbs/19.o
-rw-r--r-- 1 galaxy galaxy 0 Oct 4 16:40 /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/pbs/19.o

I am running galaxy as the galaxy user. I also have a condor user. How to ensure that jobs are submitted as the proper user?

Thanks so much,

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