Dear all,

My tool does accept multiple input-files, but there are normally bunches of 
them, so the "repeat"-syntax doesn't appear to be a good idea. Inspired from 
the workflow-engine-capability to accept multiple input files I wanted to do 
the same for my tool:

<param name="inputSeqFiles" type="data" format="fasta" multiple="true" ... />

The above "param"-syntax causes Galaxy to caugh up an error message, as soon as 
I indeed select multiple files. Selecting single files works well.

The, to actually access the list of selected files, I would expect the same 
syntax as for the "repeat"-tag case to work. What I am currently trying from 
within a <configfile>-section is something like this:

#for $inputSeqFile in $inputSeqFiles something with $inputSeqFile
#end for

Cheetah complains about $inputSeqFiles not being iterable.

Any suggestions or ideas/alternatives to this setting?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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