I am trying to extract sequences from a FASTA file containing genomic 
information. The coordinates are in a tab-delimited format, which is recognized 
as BED format by Galaxy (meaning that the 6th column is correctly interpreted 
as 6. Strand).

However, upon running "Fetch sequences" , Extract Genomic DNA only the +-strand 
information is included in the output FASTA file and I receive the following 
ERROR message:

1,431 sequences
format: fasta, database: ?
Info: 1476 warnings, 1st is: Invalid interval, start '1616' > end '1177'. 
Skipped 1476 invalid lines, 1st is #2, "scaffold00001   1616    1177    Fom -   

Is this a bug? How can I can adjust my input data files to get the --strand 
sequences as well?

I have seen a similar problem in an earlier posting and there it was suggested 
to manually adjust the strand information column 5, but this did not work for 
me neither.

Many thanks for your all help!!!!!

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