I am adding support for Galaxy's asynchronous data sources to a server of 
mine, but I cannot get Galaxy to retrieve the actual data from it.

  So far, I have added a data source tool to my Galaxy installation which links 
out to my server. There I track the URL that is provided by Galaxy and later I 
use this URL to tell Galaxy that the data can be retrieved. At this point, 
Galaxy returns an HTML document to me, which says (excerpt):

    <p>The following job has been successfully added to the queue:</p>
       <div style="padding: 10px"><b> 1: testserver</b></div>
    You can check the status of queued jobs and view the resulting 
    data by refreshing the <b>History</b> pane. When the job has been run
    the status will change from 'running' to 'finished' if completed 
    successfully or 'error' if problems were encountered.

  I just discard this HTML. When I then go back to my Galaxy server, nothing 
has happened. Even when I refresh, I do not see any job pending.

  Does anyone know why Galaxy would not retrieve the data? Do I really have to 
show the HTML that is returned by Galaxy to make it work?

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