A peculiar bug, presented for your input:


A colleague has built a few tools and is trying to incorporate them into
a workflow. However:

1.       When he creates an new empty workflow, edits it and adds the
tools, they appear without inputs (i.e. the icons/boxes on the diagram
have no input "sockets")

2.       When he tries to save a history using these tools as a
workflow, a error results in which Galaxy complains about an
unrecognised name, being one of the tool inputs. Depending on which tool
he includes in the workflow, the missing name occurs in whichever tool
is earlier in the workflow. (Traceback available on request)


Puzzling. And even more puzzling when I tried to debug this:

1.       Other tools (not written by him) behave in the workflows as

2.       Pulling a copy of his config file across to my own instance of
Galaxy and creating a dummy tool to house it, it worked perfectly 

3.       We're running the same version of Galaxy, albeit different
versions of Python (2.5 vs 2.6.4)

4.       The tools work fine in normal analysis mode.

5.       Line-ending unix, XML seems to parse fine. 


I'm stymied here and unsure what to look at next. Ideas?



Paul Agapow (paul-michael.aga...@hpa.org.uk)

Bioinformatics, Health Protection Agency


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