Dear Galaxy
we have a 454 metagenomic dataset.  We have used barcode splitter to divide the 
dataset into it's constituent amplicons.  We have also been using a clustering 
application (dnaclust) in Galaxy to subdivide the dataset by similarity.  My 
question is; are there Galaxy tools to allow the combining, sorting and 
counting of these two outputs?  For example, can each cluster - and then each 
sequence within that cluster - be given an identifier.... so that one can then 
split the output by barcode and summarise the data along the lines of 
amplicon/barcode X has X number of sequences within cluster 1, X number of 
sequences within cluster 2, ... etc?  Am I making any sense?
This is the sort of problem that sounds like it is solvable in Excel and, 
indeed, a UK colleague of mine has been doing just this.  But is there a 
straightforward means to do so in Galaxy?  It is not obvious to me in the 
Filtering or Sorting tools.

best wishes

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