Hi Folks,

I could use some help on adding a tool to the cloud version of Galaxy. The
Cloud startup process creates, among other things,
/mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central which has tools_conf.xml, and subdir tools
etc. This seems not accessible before starting the cloud. I assume I need
to add my tool into the structure as per a local Galaxy instance, and then
get Galaxy to restart, or re-read it's config ? Would appreciate some
advice there.

Just as background .. I have got a custom proteomics Perl script running ok
under a local version of Galaxy on Mac. Added in to tools_conf.xml, tools
etc. Made several mods to the Perl to stop any writing to stderr except for
fatal show-stopper errors, everyone seems to hit that one, and other small
things to make it play better with Galaxy. Also quite familiar with AWS
EC2, have been using that for a while.

I have Galaxy Cloudman running well, start/stop extra servers etc. Using
the free t1.micro AMI for now, slowish but ok for testing. Or a Spot
Instance of m1.large when I'm impatient.

I couldn't find the answer in a search of Galaxy archives, apologies if
it's there, or obvious in some other way.


Greg Edwards,
Port Jackson Bioinformatics Consulting.
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