> I've asked some questions about sharing an instance but it doesn't
> seem to be working the way I'm expecting (Unfortunately I'm also new
> to Amazon EC2/S3 so that may be part of my difficulty).  I'm thinking
> maybe if I can explain what I'm trying to do, you guys could tell me
> the best way to do it:

All of this will work fine the way you expect. It sounds like you might
have to dig into the S3 buckets a bit more to get a sense of where
everything is.

> I created an instance of CloudMan,
> I chose the data cluster option on the first dialog.
> Then I ssh'd in and installed stuff on /mnt/galaxyData
> Then I clicked the share icon on the cloudman front page.

To answer your question from the other thread, you can see the share
string for any instances you've created by clicking on the share icon
again. It will show you available shared clusters.

> (But when I look in S3 I don't think I'm seeing the programs I
> installed, and I'm not sure how my /mnt/galaxyData volume can be
> shared with the sharestring.)

All of the high level data for a shared instance will be in S3 folders


(which is also the share string)

You are right that the volume is not in S3. It is an EBS snapshot, which
you can see in the EC2 console under the 'Snapshots' link. The
description will start with 'CloudMan share-a-cluster.'

In the S3 bucket, the file persistent_data.yaml has the snapshot ID and
uses this to restart the exact cluster later with your updated volume.

In terms of costs, the S3 costs will be minimal since they are small
files but the EBS snapshot does cost $.10/Gb/month.

Hope this helps,
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