I am a PSU student at the College of Medicine.  I have minimal bioinformatics 
and computer programing background.  I was introduced to galaxy during 
televisied genomics course.  I believe I am using galaxy on the cloud.

I am trying to display ChIP-CHIP data on UCSC.  I have downloaded the gff file 
(attached; NCBI/GEO # GSM413116) and uploaded it into galaxy (using get data; 
upload file).  The initial publication converted gff file to wig file for 
upload into UCSC.  I could not find this function in Galaxy so I tried 
converting to bed file instead (convert formats; gff-to-bed).  When I do this 
and upload into UCSC I do not get the peak hight (score difference) at each 
site (column 6 of gff file; score--which appears to convert to all 0s in bed 
file), only the locations are annotated but not the score.  Is there something 
I am doing wrong in the conversion to a bed file or alternatively is there a 
way to convert the intial gff file into a wig file?  Any help would be greatly 


Lindsay Horvath
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