Hi guys, I'm still stuck on this :-(.

Are there any log files I could look at to get more details?  I'm
definitely willing to dive in an get to the bottom of this issue.  Can
anyone recommend a starting point?

Thanks again,


On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 9:01 AM, mailing list <margeem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> After launching Cloudman on the Initial Cluster Configuration dialog I
> selected the "Share-an-Instance Cluster" option and put in this share
> string:
> cm-31bf91279e41769ff78af22c1a276ece/shared/2012-01-12--18-03
> But after that I see this message in the log:
> 12:52:19 - Problem copying shared cluster configuration files. Cannot
> continue with shared cluster initialization.
> And nothing else happens after that.  The "applications" status stays
> yellow, and disk status says "0/0".
> Here is some more information about the run:
> That sharestring is from a share I made in January.  It worked when I
> last tested it in January.
> I launched via the BioCloudCentral wep app.
> Other run information:
> Instance ID     i-8523cee2
> Image ID (AMI)  ami-500cd139
> Security group  CloudMan
> Key pair        cloudman_key_pair
> Placement (zone)        us-east-1b
> Let me know what other information would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Greg

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