We have large files that cannot be uploaded using the "file upload" command
and instead would need to be uploaded using a URL. Unfortunately, we are
using a "local" install on a non-local machine, so setting up an FTP server
on this machine is a security issue. The files are located on this computer
already anyhow, and Galaxy would simply be copying from one folder to
another in order to perform the "get data" step. Is there a simple way to
have a "pointer" of some sort such that galaxy knows where this file is and:

1) Would not have to copy it and could simply refer to the file location.
2) Could perform data analysis steps on this file and push the output to
the usual location (not the location of the data files).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Dr. Gregory Miles
Bioinformatics Specialist
Cancer Institute of New Jersey @ UMDNJ
Office: (732) 235 8817

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