Thanks Jen.

Yes, there is a format problem in my sequence file. The identifier was like 
"". After I deleted the first same letters to "contig1", then it 
could be added to custom build.


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Hello Mengmeng,

I apologize for misunderstanding your original question. The problem is 
loading a dataset already in the history into the "Custom Builds" group. 
Either through the "User -> Custom Builds" or "Visualization -> Add 
Custom Build" link.

First, double check your fasta dataset against the custom genome criteria:

Correct if necessary (troubleshooting help is also on wiki) and restart. 
If you are using one of the len file options, double check format 
against the file descriptions on the Custom Builds form itself.

If you are still stuck, please share a copy of your history. Do this 
directly using "Options -> Share or Publish", add me as a share user 
"", and email back when ready.


Galaxy team

On 7/24/12 7:55 AM, Lu, Mengmeng wrote:
> Hi Galaxy team,
> I tried to "add a custom build" again yesterday. Till now, it has been in the 
> status of "processing" for almost one day.
> PS: I am using the public server.
> So is there anything wrong with my "new build"?
> Thanks.
> Mengmeng
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> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 1:48:35 PM
> Subject: Re: [galaxy-user] "Jobs is waiting to run" all day on Main
> Hello Mengmeng,
> Please try your upload process again and let us know if you continue to
> have problems.
> Thank you!
> Jen
> Galaxy team
> On 7/22/12 12:46 PM, Lu, Mengmeng wrote:
>> Same problem here.
>> I want to add a custom build, but it has been processing for more than 5 
>> hours. Is it normal?
>> PS: my reference genome which I used to add the custom build is about 42Mb.
>> Thank you.
>> Mengmeng

Jennifer Jackson
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