Hi Diana,

Galaxy itself will run on any recent MAC with the basic requirements (python, mercurial, etc.). The standard set-up isn't computationally intensive at all.

What makes a difference are the tools you intend to use, the size of the data (genomes, datasets, libraries), the volume of throughput, and processing speed expectations.

This wiki has some general guidelines that can help you decide between how to use Galaxy (Main, Local, or Cloud) based on these and related factors:

But what would be best, to address your specific question, is if you could provide more information about what you intend to do. Others on the mailing list would likely be able to comment about what type of set-up they are using successfully for similar work.


Galaxy team

On 8/10/12 8:53 AM, Diana Cox-Foster wrote:
I was wondering if anyone could comment on how memory/computational intensive a 
local instal of Galaxy is?  What type of computer (especially Macs) is needed 
for a local install to run fairly well?

Thanks for any info--- Diana
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