Hi guys,

I entered my share string
"cm-808d863548acae7c2328c39a90f52e29/shared/2012-09-17--19-47" on this
page "https://biocloudcentral.herokuapp.com/launch"; in the field
labeled "Shared cluster string" and click the button to create my
instance.  But then when I log into Cloudman the "Initial Cluster
configuration" dialog is still appearing.

I ran the same thing yesterday with an older share string and
everything worked fine.

Any ideas what could be going on?  I'm pretty stuck.



This is all I see in the cluster status log (I entered my share string
again on the dialog, the disk status says 0 / 0 and applications and
data lights are yellow, and don't seem to progress):

13:34:46 - Master starting
13:34:50 - Retrieved file
'shared/2012-09-17--19-47/shared_instance_file_list.txt' from bucket
'cm-808d863548acae7c2328c39a90f52e29' to
13:41:29 - Retrieved file
'shared/2012-09-17--19-47/shared_instance_file_list.txt' from bucket
'cm-808d863548acae7c2328c39a90f52e29' to
13:41:30 - Retrieved file 'persistent_data.yaml' from bucket
'cm-c8c215c4c67525d91b3a2598f9e370f7' to 'shared_p_d.yaml'.
13:41:31 - Created a data volume 'vol-7f2cc105' of size 5GB from
shared cluster's snapshot 'snap-cfa775ba'
13:41:31 - Saved file 'persistent_data.yaml' to bucket
13:41:31 - Retrieved file 'persistent_data.yaml' from bucket
'cm-c8c215c4c67525d91b3a2598f9e370f7' to 'pd.yaml'.
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