Dear All,

I am comparing the gene expression between two cell types by examining the 
Cufflink output file -- gene differential expression 
testing<javascript:void(0);>. The file lists the FPKM of genes in two cell 
types and log2 of fold. I want to look for genes that have more than 2-flod of 
expression in cell type A than in cell type B. What is the minimum FPKM in cell 
type A so that only the genes that have FPKM highier than this number can be 
taken into consideration for further analysis?

For example,

The FPKM of gene X in cell type A is 80, and in cell type B is 20, the fold of 
difference is 4.

The FPKM of gene Y in cell type A is 4, and in cell type B is 1, the fold of 
difference is also 4.

Is there a minimum FPKM in cell type A for genes to be selected for further 


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