On Dec 20, 2012, at 2:33 PM, "Sun, Wenping [USA]" <sun_wenp...@bah.com> wrote:

> Thank you very much for the information.
> For the last part of using ec2 instances at aws, is there an option that I 
> can control galaxy's operation at aws site? This way I can start/stop the 
> instance when I need. I am not willing to terminate the instance since 
> everything will be lost. 

We'd recommend you not ever stop/start through the aws console -- this is 
basically guaranteed to cause problems with your instance.  Always use the 
cloudman interface (on your ec2 instance -- http://<ec2_instance>/cloud) to 
terminate, and then use usegalaxy.org/cloudlaunch to restart it.

> Meantime, I am wondering the data structure on ec2 galaxy instance. Where is 
> the location for the data uploaded from the galaxy gui? If I ssh the Ubuntu, 
> where is the data directory for holding the work?

Everything will be in /mnt/galaxyData/files (which is symlinked to 
/mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central/database/files).  Note that the filenames will 
be by id (like files/000/dataset_001.dat is dataset id 1, etc), and not 
particularly accessible in this format without a little extra legwork.
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