Ahh, I see the confusion.  The instance root volume should *not* be
changed in size, and no volumes should be manually added to instances
at launch via the AWS console.  Leave all of this at the default and
let Cloudman manage the volumes.  The reason this volume size changes
back to the default after re-launching via cloudlaunch is that it's
totally unnecessary and nothing will ever be written there so we use
the default 15GB — all galaxy data are designed to be persisted on the
single galaxyData EBS volume that is managed entirely by Cloudman.

Sun, Wenping [USA] wrote:

Okay, sorry for the confusion. I meant that while initiating via aws,
there are more options to choose the root and ebs volumes which it is
very flexible. We do have the option to initiating the instance at the
FIRST time via aws site (or from cloudlaunch site as you mentioned);
whereas all the later launches have to go to cloudlaunch site. What I
found was, the sizes that I initiated first at aws site were lost
while relaunching from cloudlaunch. Moreover,  it takes more time to
re-size them.

Hope this helps and thank you,

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    Sun, Wenping [USA] wrote:

    >From a user side, it would be more flexible to initiate the
    instance via aws site; or have the user be able to choose some
    major options if initiating from cloudlaunch site. I wonder either
    one would be the future concern for galaxy development. If so, I
    am looking forward to the capability.

    I'm not sure I understand, could you elaborate?

    Right now, all resizing (regardless of how you start the instance,
    via cloudlaunch or aws) requires you to use cloudman running on
    the instance.

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