Hi Kathryn,

If you encounter an error while using the public Main Galaxy server at 
http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu (usegalaxy.org), the first thing to do is review the 
tool usage help (on tool form) and the input dataset formats. Often the error 
message or 'i' info page's standard out/error will have some details about the 
problem, or the info revealed when clicking on the 'bug' icon (this doesn't 
automatically send in a bug report, you can also just review it). Many problems 
can be solved with minor adjustments, some tips are in our wiki here:

But if you are still stuck, then please submit the error as a bug report, being 
sure to leave the inputs and error itself undeleted in your history (this is 
important), following this method:

When running your own instance, or a cloud instance, other factors can 
contribute to problems, including the instance administration options and 
set-up. It is best to send these types of questions, with clear descriptions of 
the issues and some description of the troubleshooting you have done (this 
tends to generate the most feedback) to the dedicated development mailing list 
at galaxy-...@bx.psu.edu. This will give it the best exposure to the dev 

I see your other question now posted about MACS. At first glance this looks 
like a local install tool configuration problem, which would be a good fit for 
the galaxy-dev list, but we will respond to that question or move it over there 
and then respond. We do our best not to cross/double post to both lists.

Hopefully this helps explain things a bit more! All list emails come to the 
same folks here on the core team - this org just helps us to track. But, the 
real benefit is for our community, so they can participate in their area of 
interest and more effectively search prior Q & A.

Take care, 

Galaxy team

On Jan 10, 2013, at 2:31 PM, "Sun, Wenping [USA]" <sun_wenp...@bah.com> wrote:

> Hi Jennifer,
> I have few messages with the error that I had while running galaxy modules. 
> Is galaxy-user is good email for sending and getting the responses?
> Thank you very much,
> Kathryn

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson
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