Dear Jen,

after a couple of days of running cufflinks on a sam file (data 9) with an 
annotated reference in gtf (data 28), I have this message in return that I am 
not able to decode:

32: Cufflinks on data 9 and data 28: total map mass
An error occurred running this job:cufflinks v2.0.2 cufflinks -q 
--no-update-check -I 300000 -F 0.050000 -j 0.150000 -p 8 -G 
/galaxy/main_pool/pool6/files/005/663/dataset_5663874.dat -u -N -b 
/galaxy/data/hg19/sam_index/hg19.fa Error running cufflinks. return code = 1 
cufflinks: /lib64/lib

Thank you for you help
Best regards

Davide Degli Esposti, PhD
Epigenetic (EGE) Group
International Agency for Research on Cancer
Tel. +33 4 72738036
Fax. +33 4 72738322
150, cours Albert Thomas
69372 Lyon Cedex 08

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