Ok, I know many people had the same issue, but I just can't figure what's
going on. I'm quite new about using a local instance of Galaxy and I'm
trying to figure how to install a tool from the tool shed. Reading the
tutorial  (Installing Galaxy tool shed repository tools into a local Galaxy
instance) looked pretty simple, but maybe I missed something.

First, I modified the universe_wsgi.ini file by removing the "#" before the
tool_config_file and tool_path lines.

Then, I created a shed_tools folder in my $HOME directory before modifying
the shed_tool_conf.xml file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<toolbox tool_path="$HOME/shed_tools">

Finally, I log as the Admin, and select "Search and browse tool sheds",
select one tool (trinityrnaseq for example), click "Preview and install"
and then "Install to Galaxy".

However, that's where I get an error message:

The tool_config_file setting in universe_wsgi.ini must include at least one
shed tool configuration file name with a <toolbox> tag that includes a
tool_path attribute value which is a directory relative to the Galaxy
installation directory in order to automatically install tools from a
Galaxy tool shed (e.g., the file name shed_tool_conf.xml whose <toolbox>
tag is <toolbox tool+path="..shed_tools">).

Any idea?


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