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> Good afternoon,
> I have a query that I hope you can help me with. I am using RGalaxy, and have 
> successfully built a number of useful tools for my instance of Galaxy, using 
> this in R. At the moment, all these tools are using the default galaxy input 
> file, following the example tools. Is there a way I can create an additional 
> input for the tool, that the end user selects, and make this in the form of a 
> drop-down list?
> So to illustrate with code, I have:
> inputfile = GalaxyInputFile() #this is the default input file option
> I would then like an additional input file option, ideally in the form of a 
> drop-down box, that would then be used as an input for a function. What is 
> the best way to do this?

Something like this (from ?galaxy):

plotTitle=c("TitleA"="A", "TitleB"="B")

Or in the devel version, which has a substantially different API:

plotTitle=GalaxyCharacterParam(c("TitleA"="A", "TitleB"="B"))


> Kind regards,
> Alex
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